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Product Manager

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James Murray

Product Manager


Product Manager
Product Marketing
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Highly motivated product manager with past lives in technical solution delivery and technical support with a passion for delivering customer-centric products, that provide value to the customer.

When looking at product or a service, I always start with why? What’s the value or outcome the product solves for the customer.

Myers Briggs ENTJ Energetic, Futuristic, Conceptual, logical and dynamic

Strength Finder Achiever, Strategic, Communication, Competition, Individualization

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Meeting with Customers

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My Skills

Buiness Case Creation

Business case and value proposition creation

Customer and Data driven

Try to have atleast one user / buyer dicussion per week

Always Improving

I am massive beliver in personal development, i try to read a buiness book every fortnight if possible

Work Close with Development

Work closley with development on user stories and aligment on product roadmap which is realistic

Presenation Skills

I taylor presntation's to the audiance , so the auidance gets value from there time

Sales Support

Assit sales with customers, during the sales process

I'm currently work for RDT.

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My Training and experience.


Google Squared Online



Certified Product Owner® (CSPO)



Pragmatic Marketing




Product Owner


September 2016 - Current

Product Manager


Aug 2015 - Aug 2016

Product Manager

Peer1 Hosting

Aug 2013 - Aug 2015
Previous life before Product Roles,

I was a Systems Engineer

4 Different Organisations

Aug 2004 - Aug 2013

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Drop me a line or give me a ring. I would love to hear you.

Always like to connect with you , on what ever platform where its Meduim , Twitter , Product Hunt ............